Autobiography of a Chair

21 Jan

Hello friends, today I am going to tell you the story of my life .How I was made a chair.

First I was in the woods with my friends, in the forest .My green bushes used to be an attraction, a scene of natural beauty for the other people living and hunting in the forest. One day I heard a terrible crash. It was the downfall of one of my dearest friends, John. From then on I am living with fear. “Is someone going to kill me, am I going to be killed?” Then, one day a group of hunters and woodcutters arrived. I was aghast. One of the woodcutters leaned his hand against my bark. Then he pointed to his friends, “this is a good tree to cut down as it is very big and has too many bushes.” I don’t remember much from then on but I nearly had 48 hrs of sleep and woke up to find out all the greenery in me had gone, all those beautiful parts which made a tree were gone and I was changed into a mega structure of bone and flesh. I was sat down heavily upon, I was scratched by the kids and moreover I was banged here and there.

Till today, I am crashed I have already died, my soul has already faded and I am waiting for the day when the humans throw me so that I can be relieved of any obligations that I have. Humans, even if you kill us for simple purposes, plant a new tree so that environmental balance can be maintained.

Utsarga Dulal, Class 5H, GEMS.


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