Little Knowledge is Dangerous (A story)

21 Jan

Once upon a time in the town of the Bankuli there lived a merry barber. He used to earn a lot of money by cutting the hair and also he used to make the people to look attractive. There was a monkey that lived just in the village of the Bankuli. It lived on the tree near/just opposite to the town and the monkey always looked at the people funnily and the monkey used to be fascinated by the ability of the barber to cut the hair and he also wanted to cut the hair so that even he would look even more attractive than the past. But, unfortunately he had not got any chance to cut the hair as the barber was always there when he wanted to cut the hair and surely the barber would not cut the hair of a monkey. Thus the monkey had been waiting for a chance. One day he got that chance when the barber went out to the river to be fresh from the tiring work of cutting hair. Then the monkey stepped down from the tree and looked into the mirror and took the razor. He had seen the barber cut other’s mustache and was trying to cut his mustache himself. But the monkey cut the lower portion of his nose and also cut his skin. From that day on he never looked to the barber’s saloon again.

 Moral: Little knowledge is very dangerous.

Utsarga Dulal, Class 5H, GEMS.


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