The Cruel Stepmother (a story)

21 Jan

Once upon a time there was a small Village. In the village there had a girl named Mina. They are four family members. She had a little younger sister. Sadly, one day Mina’s mother died. Mina her younger sister and father all cried. After few months, mina’s father married another woman. She was very cruel and ugly. She always let Mina and her sister to do all the household work. As Mina’s father would come to the home, the stepmother would do likes she was only doing the all household work and let the children to rest.

Another day as the father was going to his office. The stepmother again let the children to do all the household work and stepmother went to her bed to sleep. Certainly someone knocked the door. Mina opened the door, it was her father. He had forgotten to take his file. He asked to Mina, “where is your mother?”Mina replied she was sleeping on her bed. What? “SLEEPING”!!!! shouted her father. Mina told everything to her father when he was not at home they have to all that household work. Then he went to see the stepmother. He shouted at his wife sternly. From that day the stepmother never did bad things with the children and they all lived happily.

Prizma Vaidya, Class 4H, GEMS.


One Response to “The Cruel Stepmother (a story)”

  1. sakar acharya January 28, 2012 at 12:58 pm #

    this was wonderful story.

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