Two Friends (a conversation)

21 Jan

Shasanka and Aditya who study in class 10 met each other in market while doing shopping during winter vacation.

Shasanka:  Oh! Aditya, its nice to meet you here. How are you?

Aditya: I am fine Shasanka and how are you too?  It is so cold nowadays. How is your vacation gojng on?

Shasanka: I am fine too. Yeh ! its really very cold and my vacation going OK. Why are you here in market. Are you buying something special?

Aditya: No friend, not anything, so special. I am just looking for my sport shoes since the older has worn out and why are you here?

Shasanka: I am looking for a jacket as you know my older one has gone very rough. So have you got any shoes you like?

Aditya: I looked so many shoes but I haven’t found yet the nice once. Some shoes which are good are very expensive and at ordinary price I cannot get the good once.

Shasanka: Same is happening to me also. The things have gone so expensive. So now onwards we have to take care of our belongings. Come lets do our shopping and go home.

Aditya: OK and see you next time.

Sneha Bhatta, Class 4J, GEMS.


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