A Bad Day (a story)

23 Jun

Once there was a boy named Tom. He was 11 years old. One day he was celebrating his 12th birthday party in his home. There were many guests invited to the party. Suddenly a man with a long beard came, gave a parcel and went away. Every body were surprised to see him. After the party was over, he went to his room and opened his presents. He liked his presents. Then he opened the parcel that the man had given him. He opened the parcel and found a piece of paper. It was a holiday ticket to Hong Kong. He was very happy to see the ticket. He showed the tickets to his parents. They were also very happy. After two days they had to leave. They packed everything and were ready to leave. Before they were about to leave, the maid cleaned Tom’s parents’ room. Then she went to Tom’s room for cleaning, she saw the tickets. She thought that it was a waste paper so she threw it. When Tom searched the tickets he could not find it anywhere. The next day he asked the maid “Have you seen my tickets?” “I am sorry. I thought it was a waste paper and I threw it”, said the maid. At last Tom was very sad because he could not go to his vacation.

– Arya Karki, Class 4’G’, GEMS, 2069


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