The Useful Telephone (a story)

23 Jun

Once upon a time, there lived a girl Eva. She loved to play with toys. When it was time of homework, she finished her homework fast so that shw could play with her new toys. After some days, it was her birthday. Eva was excited to see her presents. Her aunt gave a big present. She was imagining what could be the present. She went to her room and opened all her presents. Her mother gave a pen which could be used for higher classes. Her daddy gave a hair band. Her brother gave a frock. Her uncle gave a school bag and other some toys but her aunt gave an expensive telephone but she was thinking in her mind why Aunt gave me a telephone instead of other things. One day when she was in her room, she kept it in her cupboard. As she was sleeping after lunch her friend phoned her but the telephone was inside the cupboard so she could not listen the telephone ringing. Her friend was so worried because if she had gone out she could not come at the party. Another day the same thing happened. One day she took it out from the cupboard and she rested. Suddenly the telephone rang and she thought who could it be. She picked up and said, ‘Hello’ and her friend replied “Why didn’t you come at last year’s party?. There was a present for you.” Next day she had a lot of fun and she also got a present. Now she learnt a lesson.

Moral – Every thing we get has some use.

– Prasanna Rajbhandari, Class 4’H’, GEMS, 2069


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