The Mouse and the Frog (A Story)

22 Oct

There was a mouse who got friendly with a frog.“Why don’t you come and have lunch with me.” Said the frog.“I would love to do that.” Replied the mouse, “but I am not a good swimmer. I will drown in your pond.” “Oh no , you won’t,” said the frog. “I’ll tie your leg with mine and help you to swim to my house.” “What a wonderful adventure I’ll have”, said the mouse. So the frog and the mouse tied their legs together and started swimming. When they reached the middle of the pond,the frog started pulling the mouse under the water. “Stop it”, cried the mouse, “I’ll drown.” But the wicked frog did not stop. He kept pulling the mouse under the water till he drowned. Just then an eagle was flying by. It saw the dead mouse floating in the water. He swooped down and picked it up and flew away. As the mouse leg was tied to the frog’s leg, the frog had to go as well. “Help, help”,cried the frog, “Somebody save me from this eagle.” But nobody came to save him. The eagle took the dead mouse and the and the frog to it’s nest and they were quickly eaten by his young ones.

Moral: Those who seek to harm others often come to harm themselves. –

Piyush Sharma, Class 4H, GEMS


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